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17 January 2019 @ 06:39 pm

If you follow my twitter (@mottofreaky), you'd know how much I've been flailing over Masu Taichi's super nerdy "obscure animal origami" youtube videos. But they're not available out of Japan so here they are uploaded for anyone who can't/doesn't want to use a vpn to watch them. (Here's the original link though too! He deserves a million views and likes)

I watched them all too fast and can't wait for the next one now...

♡ GDrive folder

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28 December 2018 @ 06:29 pm
[Spoiler (click to open)]
MatsuJun bucket hat

A listener sent in an email about Johnny's Jr. Sato Ryuga, who likes Aiba, and I thought the exchange that followed was pretty cute. And all the translations on my journal end up being about senpai-kouhai relations anyway so.

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25 October 2017 @ 07:31 am
Two songs from Untitled made me cry, Song for you (because duh) and... this one. I really love the lyrics so I wanted to do my own translation of it.

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Please don't use elsewhere or retranslate without permission.
28 September 2017 @ 02:41 am
I have "lots of things" to do this week and so obviously that means I'm ignoring them and thinking about "lots of (irrelevant) things".

Basically I'm posting this post because otherwise I would've tweeted too much and hopefully no one reads my lj anyway lol

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31 August 2017 @ 03:20 pm
So after I watched Kahogo no Kahoko ep 8 this morning my sisters were talking about the dinghy of a ship that is Kahoko/Hajime. And personally I am easily satisfied with love stories in dramas so I'm dying over it, but because I get bored on the train and am a total loser, I decided to write out points for and against them (lol). Let's just say it was to practise my Japanese skills... (;^ω^)

Don't read under the cut if you don't want to be bored or if you don't want spoilers for ep 8.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

  • 初は加穂子を優しく接してくれる

  • 加穂子は初の強がりや悪い人ぶりにだまされていない

  • 加穂子は初の才能を信じる、 夢を応援している

  • 初は優しいひとで加穂子を信じる→お互い信じ合うことが出来る

  • 初は加穂子と一緒に勇気が見つけられる

  • 初は加穂子から絵のアイディアをもらえる

  • 初は今まで人の優しさを信じていられなかったけど加穂子は彼が作った壁をどんどん壊し、初は人との関係のしっばらしさを始めて知る

  • 1話で初はキャップのことを話せずに分かった(笑)

  • 初は最初から加穂子のことを構いたくなかったのにほっておけなかった

  • 初は加穂子がいないとダメ、再会した時号泣したとこ

  • 8話で2話の泣くシーンが逆になった


  • 7話で加穂子が初を完全スルーとこ

  • 未だに強引に彼の話したくないことを話し出すとこ、彼の気持ちを分かろうとしないとこ←これは直せないとダメ



I'm sure there are grammar errors everywhere but hey, I tried.

This time, the project is a birthday party for Aiba-kun, born on Christmas Eve. As arranged by Matsumoto-kun, “without telling the person the theme, okay? (grinning),” we attempted a surprise! Sakurai-kun, who came earlier, prepared the cake and card and went on standby. Aiba-kun, who didn’t know anything, arrived. When he went in the room…… he froze for a moment, and then went “So that’s what it is!” with a smile. They quickly did a toast, and that’s the start of the happy talk ♪

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Thanks to t-u for the scans ♥