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15 March 2016 @ 04:55 am
How I encode stuff...  
I've posted instructions for other people before about how to do this, so I just wanted to keep my notes here. This admittedly, isn't the best way to encode, but for me, it gets the job done...

I use avidemux.

1) Open the raw video there
2) Under 'video output' select MPeg4 AVC (x264)
3) Also under 'video output' click configure
4) In the window that appears, select Video Size (Two Pass) under Rate Control and define target file size
5) Close that window
6) Click 'Filters' under Video Output
7) Click subtitles on the left and add your file
8) Select 'MP4 Muxer' under output format
9) Save your video as 'filename.mp4'